Diagnodent Caries Detection Device

The Diagnodent cavitiy detecting device is a high tech laser fluorescence  caries detection aid which measures changes in tooth structure cause by caries (cavities). It is especially useful for pit and fissure areas - even when the outer tooth structure seems to be intact. This device is over 90% accurate in detecting early cavities. The Diagnodent is simply unique and no other procedure, whether visual, or x-ray based achieves comparable results. You receive exact results for every tooth that is scanned and thus your treatment is based on this diagnosis and the end result is that Dr. Warner is able to preserve as much healthy tooth substance as possible by detecting decay in the very earliest stages. The device is easy to use and requires no probing, scraping or damage to tooth structure. It can detect even the smallest lesions using a number scale and an audible alert. This is a gentle pain free procedure that is non invasive and preserves the teeth.  We are using it before we place sealants on teeth and also if we are concerned that early decay may be present in the deep grooves of the teeth. This gives us  high assurance that we haven't missed any hidden decay.